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Sensitivity Teeth

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Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

The pain is very short in duration and is often caused by cold liquid, air or even the bristles of toothbrush. Symptoms experience by patients with dentin pain/sensitivity may also be associated with the following conditions, which should be diagnosed by your dentist: Dental Caries, Cracked Teeth, Fractured Teeth, Dentin Hypersensitivity. Dentin Hypersensitivity(DH) often presents as an acute problem, but when it starts to occur on a chronic basis can lead to neglecting oral hygiene, failing to comply with instructions and avoiding dental appointments.

Here are some causes of tooth sensitivity is excess use of drinks and acidic foods. Basically, sensitivity is caused when the movement of fluid within tiny tubes placed in the dentin layer of tissue below the hard enamel occurs and results in nerve irritation. By the excess use of brushing, ageing, hard brushing the hard enamel will damaged(gingival recession). Eating foods, drinking hot or cold, touching your teeth may cause pain when the tiny tube surfaces are exposed.Peoples who have sensitive teeth, they should use toothpaste which is not too harsh for their teeth because some toothpastes are filled with abrasive ingredients. To avoid sensitivity, make a routine for daily brushing and flossing. It can prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Make sure that you are not using hard brush. You should use thick, soft bristle toothbrush. Ask your dentist once in a month. Checkup and routine x-rays can help to identify tooth decay. Cleaning can remove plague and keep your mouth in a best working condition. You can reduce your sensitivity by using desensitizing toothpaste. It can reduce by filling materials, your dentist apply sealants and other desensitizing. You may reduce your sensitivity by decreasing the intake of acid-containing foods. It may reduce by changing the way of brushing your teeth. Don’t make a pressure on your teeth while brushing. You should not consume acidic food which is not good for your dental health and hot or cold drinks. When you are tense don’t grind your teeth, it may occurs sensitivity problem. It is the time to see a dentist when you have pain in your teeth. When your tooth is highly sensitive for more three or four days and it reacts to hot and cold temperature. This is the best time to ask your dentist to identify the problem.