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Primary Teeth

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Primary Teeth(Baby Teeth)

Oral health plays an important role in overall health. This is particularly true during early childhood as oral health can influence overall health and well-being. Keeping primary teeth healthy is essential as those who suffer from caries in their preschool years are more likely to experience caries throughout childhood and adolescence.

Early childhood caries (ECC) is decay affecting the primary dentition of children Differing practices and views on oral health, which may be related to cultural diversity, may contribute to increased caries risk.

Many aspects of cultural diversity can influence oral hygiene routines, diet, health beliefs, reaction to pain, and access to care, factors which may in turn affect oral health status. If a person belongs to a cultural group that does not define poor oral health as abnormal, they may lack both information about oral health and access to care and may not comply with professional recommendations for treatment.