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Fluoride Treatment

Preventing problems before they start…

Fluoride is a commonly occurring element. In some areas, it is found as a naturally occurring substance in water. In others, it is added to the water supply, although, in large parts of the country there is no available Fluoride in drinking water. It is also found in tea and many common foodstuffs. In addition, higher concentrations of Fluoride are found in toothpaste, dental mouthwashes, and even dental floss.

Fluoride reacts with the outer enamel layer covering the tooth. Through this reaction it is incorporated into the enamel structure, thus doing, it strengthens the enamel. The tooth is therefore less susceptible to acid and bacterial attack.

Fluoride is not only used as a tooth hardening agent it can also be used in certain circumstances to alleviate tooth sensitivity. It is commonly incorporated into dental filling materials to help harden the underlying tooth and prevent sensitivity after a filling is placed. Of course, it is possible to place Fluoride-free dental fillings.

In some cases, children are given Fluoride supplements to strengthen their adult teeth whilst they are developing and when they erupt.

Fluoride supplements should only be given on the advice of a dental professional.

Our clinic does use Fluoride as an adjunct to prevent dental decay. However, we do recognise that some people have concerns regards the use of Fluoride and we are sensitive in such cases.


  • I used to visit Dr. Rostami back in Arizona few years ago. I was on my business trip in Toronto last week and all of a sudden before my meeting one of my front teeth filling came out while I was flossing, shocked and didn’t know what to do, thanks god I remembered  my Canadian dentist back in Mesa, couple of minutes search in the Internet I looked her up and she saw me the same day. I just want to say how I appreciated your help and we all in Arizona have  missed you doc.

    Simon Goli

  • Thank you very much! It was so easy to recommend your office to my husband. My family had seen Rita Rostami for years and now Rita Rostami is really great! Anytime someone I know needs a dentist, I’ll refer them to you. Thank you again,

    Peter Jackson

  • I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you getting me in on such short notice. Your compassion and understanding has contributed to my strength. Lorrie and the rest of your staff take the steps to make me feel comfortable and at ease. I look forward to seeing you at my treatments

    Smith Jones

10850 Yonge St, Unit#2
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E4

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